Transforming Organizations One person at a Time.

your team can stress less and work well. 


The WorkWell™ Program teaches your team members coping skills to manage their stress levels, no matter where they may be, so they can always be engaged and productive.

April custom tailors each program to enhance the mental and emotional state of your team so they can show up fully engaged and present in the work they do.

Executive Coaching

The A. Lewis Academy for Executives and Leaders is designed for you to receive the guidance, support, and advice necessary to be the visionary and effective leader that you desire. It creates a safe space for you to put yourself first so you can clear your mind, gather your thoughts.

Speaking Engagements

April is experienced in captivating audiences of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a more intimate training session or a conference keynote, April will engage and inspire your team members. April teaches your team the skills they need to manage their stress levels with her proven Inside-Out Approach to Transformation.

Workplace wellness is the solution to your engagement and burnout problem .

“Human First. Employee Second!”
– April Lewis